Arkansas Society of Professional Lobbyists
PO Box 24426, Little Rock, AR 72221
501-224-9018 (phone)
501-224-6489 (fax)
Laura Hawkins, Executive Director


Membership Application

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The Arkansas Society of Professional Lobbyists is a professional society for individuals who, as part of their career, lobby in the state of Arkansas and/or are registered with the Secretary of State, or represent state government in lobbying efforts. Membership is subject to acceptance by the Board of Directors and receipt of $100.00 per year in membership dues.

Name:   ________________________________________________________
Company:   ________________________________________________________
Address:   ________________________________________________________
City/State:   ________________________________________________________
Zip:   ________________________________________________________
Phone:   ________________________________________________________
Fax:   ________________________________________________________
Email:   ________________________________________________________
Website:   ________________________________________________________
Employer/Clients:   ________________________________________________________

Please make dues checks payable to: Arkansas Society of Professional Lobbyists
PO Box 24426
Little Rock, AR 72221

NOTE: Dues payment to ASPL is not deductible as charitable contributions for federal tax purposes. However, dues payment may be deducted as a business expense.

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